The Blytheville Country Club was established in 1929 by Everett B. Gee. He and his wife, Johnnie T. Gee, had learned to play golf in Beaumont, Texas, and had returned to the Bootheel. After they moved to Blytheville, they leased the property where the present club is form the Gosnell Estate and constructed a 9-hole, sand grenn golf course. the organization was named The Blytheville Country Club, even though it was a private venture of Mr. Gee. A limited amount of social activities were conducted, primarily in connection with special holidays.

During World War II, numerous dances and social events were held for the officers and pilot training cadets stationed at Blytheville Air Force Base.

Although it didn't last long, the first airport in Blytheville was constructed on the country clubs' property. It was an east-west strip running from about the #3 tee to the #3 green.

The clubhouse had a kitchen and service area for special events. The Gee Family lived in the apartment in the west side of the clubhouse.

In March of 1949, the members of The Blytheville Country Club purchased the leasehold on the property from Everett Gee and incorporated and formed an official Blytheville Country Club owned and operated by the membership on land owned at the time by Kathleen Thomas. A full schedule of food and beverage activities was initiated by the country club in late 1949. The Gee family moved out of the clubhouse on the day before Thanksgiving, 1949.

During the era of the 1930's and 1940's, inter-club matches were popular. Blytheville Country Club always fielded a competitive team. Home and home matches were played against Dyersburg, Cape Girardeau, Kennett, Jonesboro and some clubs in Memphis. The fact that Blytheville Country Club always had a golf pro from the time it was first built, contributed to the fact that many fine players learned to play golf at the Blytheville Country Club under the guidance of the local golf pro. To illustrate this, the very first two golf team letterman at the University of Arkansas were both from Blytheville Country Club; Byron Morris, Jr., who spent his adult life in Blytheville and was active in golf, and all the affairs of Blytheville Country Club his entire life.

Soon after the members purchased the club from the Gee family, the golf course was totally rerouted, rebuilt, and converted to grass greens. The services of Dick Wilson, a famous golf architect at the time, were used to make this conversion. Dick Wilson designed and caused to be built, many golf courses on the eastern seaboard, principally in Florida. Mr. Wilson is still revered today as being a pioneer golf architect of his time. There still exists two greens that were originaaly designed by Mr. Wilson; #1 & #5. They are pretty much the same today as they were originally constructed.

In 1959, the clubhouse was destroyed by fire. About two years before this, the original pro shop had burned; and the pro shop was then moved to the basement of the clubhouse. The next year, the clubhouse was built back essentially the main part of the foundation of the old one.

Blytheville Country Club is one of the few country clubs in eastern Arkansas that has always had a full time golf professional. The first pro was Johnny Pep, who came to Blytheville from St. Louis in 1929. The second golf pro was W.A. "Bill" Afflick. He was very much onvolved with the reconstruction of the golf course after the members pruchased it in 1950. Mr. Afflick was a life long member of the Blytheville Country Club.

Purchase of the original club property from Kay Thomas GlassCock was approved by the stockholders November 25, 1986. As of January 1, 1988 there were 353 members.

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